Connect, Manage and Secure Cloud Resources Better than Ever

Networking is a vital component of any cloud infrastructure that can make or break a cloud deployment. IT teams need to connect resources and optimize application performance, which depends on your robust network architecture.

Microsoft Azure Networking services provides several capabilities to connect and manage your cloud resources securely. Azure networking by virtue of its various networking capabilities offers customers and users a delightful experience by patching cloud and on-premises infrastructure and services. It’s built on one of the biggest fiber networks. Hence, it can support your hybrid or all-in-cloud strategy. It yields higher performance and connectivity levels.

Cambay Consulting leverages Azure networking capabilities to develop architecture for cloud-centric WANs, design and implementation of Azure networking services, and ongoing management of your networking environments in Azure enabling highly reliable performance and secure connectivity. Our networking services include

  • Connectivity services – VNet, VPN Gateway, ExpressRoute, Azure DNS
  • Application protection services – DDoS, Firewall, Network security, Endpoints
  • Application delivery services – CDN, Traffic Manager, App Gateway
  • Networking monitoring - Network Watcher, ExpressRoute Monitor, Azure Monitor

Networking Capabilities

Azure ExpressRoute

It offers a faster, private connection to Azure with lower latency and increase reliability and speed. It does not jump over the public network and connects directly to your WAN and on-premises networks with Microsoft global network.

This cloud integration alternative yields significant cost benefits. These connections enable access to Microsoft Cloud services - Microsoft Azure Services and Microsoft Office 365 service.

Content Delivery Network

Leveraging the server closest to each user, the Azure Content Delivery Network sends high-bandwidth content like audio, videos, and pictures to your customers faster and more efficiently.

The advanced analytics capabilities help you gain insights about your workflows by tracking the content. Today, a large web traffic is served through CDNs including prominent sites like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook.

Virtual Networks

It is a key constituent of your private network in Azure, and powers different Azure resources to talk to with each other, the internet, and on-premises networks. It provides you a highly secure and reliable environment for your applications and creates an infrastructure you can control.

You can also build advanced network topologies using virtual appliances. Define traffic flows between subnets, and gain granular control over it.

Azure Bastion

It’s a fully managed PaaS service that offers reliable and no-fuss Remote Desktop (RDP) client and SSH access to your virtual machines through the Azure platform, without the hassle of managing network security policies.

It uses secure SSL/TLS encryption. Your virtual machines do not need a public IP address. It enables you to contain threats like port scanning and other malware. Azure Bastion resize itself based on the number of virtual connections.

Azure Front Door

It is a scalable service for protecting web applications, and a secure entry point for quick delivery. It offers a centralized control plan to manage traffic and gleans actionable insights about your users and back ends.

It has global HTTP load balancing that empowers users to create applications across regions and provide them an “always-on” web site availability experience. It delivers high quality and high-performance services.

Load Balancer

It’s a high-performance, Layer 4 load-balancing service that delivers network performance to your applications. It offers native IPv6 support and adds scale and reliability to your applications. It directly integrates into your virtual machines and cloud services.

It offers Native IPVv6 and flexible NAT rules to provide better security services. It automatically scales as the application traffic increases. A more delightful customer experience is guaranteed.

Web Application Firewall

It is a cloud-native web application firewall (WAF) that operates through a set of rules called “policies” that protects your web applications from malicious attacks and other web vulnerabilities such as Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection.

It is deployed in a few minutes, and you only pay for what you use. It may be available as server plugin or an appliance. It, however, needs to be maintained as the application is reconfigured or customized.

VPN Gateway

It is a certain type of virtual network gateway that helps you establish secure, cross-premises encrypted traffic between your Azure virtual network and on-premises IT infrastructure.

Composed of two VMs, users can create a gateway-specific subnet, these VPN gateways can be deployed in Azure availability zones to add scalability and resilience to virtual network gateways. These gateways leverage browser-based SSL VPN plug-ins for building connections.

Connect everything securely from VMs to VPNs using Azure Networking Services