Dynamics 365 for Marketing
Turn prospects into Business relationship

Enterprises trying to increase the revenue always struggle to create demand due to complex marketing challenges – quantity and quality of leads, weak lead nurturing process, and poor visibility on the leads from the sales team. The organization's sales and marketing team needs to be closely aligned in terms of goals, processes, and technology to close more deals and turn prospects into a business relationship.

Dynamics 365 Marketing, a marketing automation solution unifies all marketing activities in one application and supports the entire marketing process – multi-channel email campaigns, event management, lead nurturing, social media, and reporting. The drag-and-drop interface and out-of-the-box features allow you to create and deliver multi-campaigns across channels.

Dynamics 365 for marketing is built on the same platform as Dynamics 365 for Sales, uses the same Common Data Model to store and share data with other business applications. Dynamics 365 for Marketing is also tightly integrated with Dynamics CRM, Customer Service, and embedded intelligence to enable us to engage, nurture, and convert more leads.

Transform Your Marketing and Close More Deals with Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Discover how Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you automate processes and make smarter decisions to maximize marketing ROI.

It also helps you transform your business by turning prospects into a business relationship and personalize your customer engagement.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Capabilities

Personalize your buyer experience

Dynamics 365 leverages customer journey maps to offer targeted and personalized interactions. Streamline content approvals and marketing operations with Power Automate. Simplify event management and integration with other third-party apps. Dynamics 365 Marketing features a drag-and-drop customer journey builder, allowing you to create unlimited custom workflows.

Create customizable marketing templates, reusable content blocks using the marketing automation feature. Leverage Microsoft Power Platform for content approvals. It helps you integrate Azure and Adobe Marketing Cloud to deliver enhanced customer experiences to drive your business.

Alignment with Sales and Marketing

A unified view of prospects, contacts, and leads with sales results to a good nurture funnel and more deals won. Increase productivity and improve coordination between sales and marketing with prebuilt workflows. Integration with familiar Office 365 tools to simplify collaboration.

Dynamics 365 helps deliver a consistent message between your sales and marketing teams. It helps provides a single view of your customer by unifying your sales and marketing with Adobe Marketing.

Make intelligent decisions

Make smart decisions with prebuilt dashboards and marketing analyzers. Multiple lead-scoring models to enhance customer engagements. A/B testing to improve open rates. Dynamics 365 Marketing is designed as a closed-loop marketing solution enabling you to track all campaign activities as well as collect and analyze the results. AI-powered insights, rich analytical tools help visualize your campaign results and offer actionable insights.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing comes with Dynamics 365 for customer insights, which provides exhaustive and informative insights of your customers by using data visualization tools like heat maps.

Grow with adaptable platform

Extend the features of Dynamics 365 Marketing by integrating with other systems, and third-party applications. Automate your processes with built-in workflows or Power Automate. Market globally while maintaining compliance.

Dynamics 365 for marketing can be easily integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud, third party applications, Microsoft’s Voice of the Customer survey platform, and applications from AppSource to create a rewarding relationship with your customers.

Nurture more sales ready leads

Nurture more sales-ready leads across the channel with behavior-based customer journeys.

Nurture demand, personalize your customer experiences and build relationships at scale with Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Personalize your customer engagement with Dynamics 365 Marketing