Microsoft Azure DevOps Services
Automate and Speed Your Software Delivery

With Microsoft Azure DevOps, you can build your modern applications from start to end and accelerate application delivery. Azure DevOps lets you plan smarter, collaborate better, manage resources, and ship faster with a set of modern development services, enabling continuous delivery of value to your end users.

Building end-to-end continuous delivery pipeline, releasing, testing, monitoring cloud, and mobile applications is simple and reliable with Azure DevOps tools and processes resulting in more agility and continuous innovation.

We accelerate your DevOps transformation using Azure DevOps. Our services include

  • DevOps maturity assessment
  • Application development
  • Azure DevOps CI/CD pipeline
  • Azure Infrastructure Automation
  • Test Automation
  • Governance

Azure Boards

Azure Boards, also known as application life cycle management solution, uses proven agile and productivity tools for planning, tracking work items, scrum & Kanban Boards, and sprints across your teams.

Azure Boards tracks all your ideas at every development stage. Azure Boards integrates with collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams Microsoft to enable efficient ChatOps.

Azure Pipelines

Azure Pipeline is an automation process used to build, release, test and deploy with continuous integration/continuous delivery that works across any language (Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, .Net), any platform (Windows, Linux, and macOS), and any cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP).

Connect to GitHub or other Git providers to deploy continuously. Flexible deployments to Azure Functions, VMs, Kubernetes, or Azure Web apps.

Azure Repos

Azure Repos, a set of version control tools, helps you manage your code. Collaborate to build code development using Git Public, private repositories, pull requests, and advance file management.

Repos provides two types of version control systems GIT (Distributed version control system) and TFVC (centralized version control system).

Azure Test Plans

Azure Test Plans supports manual, exploratory testing, and advanced test management tools throughout the development life cycle for testing your desktop or web applications.

Azure Test Plans, help you run tests and log defects from your browser, track and assess quality throughout your lifecycle, capture rich data for reproducibility and create tests directly from exploratory sessions.

Azure Artifacts

Azure Artifacts helps you to create, host, manage and share packages across teams. Add and artifacts to your CI/CD pipelines with a single click. Azure Artifact supports artifact management for Python, NuGet, Maven, NPM, and more in the same place.

Azure Artifacts helps share your code efficiently and simplify complex build jobs and works with your favorite tools and services.

Accelerate your move to the cloud and gain a competitive advantage with applications built on DevOps