Application Development & Modernization
Drive Digital Transformation through App Modernization & Innovation

Legacy infrastructure, databases, and applications are becoming growth inhibitors for an enterprise. Businesses embrace modern technologies at a pace never seen before so that they can remain relevant and stay ahead of their competition.

As companies move into the digital age to meet the next-gen of customers and partners to create new efficiencies – applications development and modernization are central to their strategy. They can fast-track the digital transformation journey, drive innovation by taking advantage of availability, scalability, and security in the cloud.

Cambay Consulting leverages Microsoft Azure, DevOps, and programming platforms to provide migration, development, and modernization services that help businesses to not only lift n’ shift (with minimal code changes) their legacy applications but also rewrite their mission-critical and Line of Business (LoB) apps to the cloud. We also provide integration of new features/functionalities to enable agility and efficiency.

We have built web apps on microservices architectures across technology stacks like .Net, Java, Angular, Node.js, etc. Our application development involves front-end (UI/UX and REST APIs), middle-ware (business logic and serverless functions), and back-end (SQL/other databases) integrated with the cloud for services, DevOps to take advantage of data-driven intelligence, and CI/CD for automation throughout the lifecycle of your app.

Depending on your business and application needs, our app migration/modernization services include application assessment, planning, rehosting, rearchitecting, refactoring, and rebuilding while offering engineering, interoperability, and integration besides replacement and retirement services.

Azure Cloud Assessment

Assess and evaluate cloud readiness, identify the best way for your application, and build a TCO roadmap and ROI for Azure migration.

Our assessment includes automating inventory to understand infrastructure usage, analyze architecture, data, and security, analyze applications that can be lift-and-shift, or optimize and identify and suggest the best migration approach.

Application Migration to Azure

Migrate your on-prem legacy and aging .NET, Java, and Linux web apps to Azure. Leverage Microsoft/other app migration tools to enable a fast and automated way to migrate web apps with minimal or no code changes.

Run readiness checks and get potential remediation steps for common issues and step-by-step guidance for moving your applications to Azure App Services.

App Development / Modernization

Move your applications to new platforms, architecture, or technology to accelerate innovation. Each application is different and requires a custom solution. Build .Net, Java, or cross-platform enterprise, web, and mobile apps in the cloud to enhance the app’s features and functionalities.

Our first step in app development and modernization starts with an assessment, wherein we provide data-driven insights for your apps, logic, and database systems. We also provide UX/UI development, REST/API integration, besides business logic implementation that seamlessly ties your front-end, middleware, and back-end systems together.

Java Applications on Azure

Move or modernize your enterprise Java applications in the Azure Cloud. Leverage Azure Spring Cloud to build new services faster and reduce costs. Azure cloud brings extensive platform services to manage security, integration, and monitoring. It also supports Azure Kubernetes Service, Docker, and Azure Container Registry.

Learn how we can help you modernize your Java applications on Azure.

Storage Migration to Azure

Migrate the storage associated with your Windows and/or Linux Servers to Azure to minimize the downtime for your applications using such storage. Use tools that inventory data on the servers and then transfer the data to newer servers and/or virtual machines in Azure. Provide options to transfer the identity of source servers to destination servers so that apps and users can access their data without changing links or paths.

Database Migration to Azure

Our services include rehosting SQL servers on SQL Server on Azure VMs (Iaas), refactoring workloads to Azure SQL Managed Instances, or design entirely new greenfield environments in Azure SQL Databases (PaaS). Migrate your data systems or workloads from Oracle and other database platforms to Azure. Also, migrate your data and analytics workloads to Azure to innovate even faster.

With our several years of experience and expertise in migrating customers to the cloud, we have gained a deep understanding of what is required for successful cloud migrations. We leverage Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (provides proven cloud adoption methodologies, resources, tools, best practices, and processes) to accelerate your apps' migration and related assets to the cloud.

Customer Stories

Manufacturing and Azure PaaS
A leading clothing manufacturer leverages Azure PaaS components to modernize their business critical legacy applications to drive business growth.
Technology and Azure PaaS
A leading technology company leverages Azure PaaS to modernize old age applications to accelerate transformation and drive innovation.
Manufacturing & Azure and .NET
A leading manufacturer company modernizes its mission-critical business application to elevate customer engagement and expedite time to market.

Application Modernization Assessment - The journey to modernization starts with Application Assessment.