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Microsoft Azure Analytics is a complete set of solutions that stores and analyzes all your data sets with high accuracy and performance to deliver key business insights. It’s 14 times faster and costs 94% less as compared to the other cloud providers.
Microsoft Azure Analytics is characterized by its uber-fast performance, powered by an MPP engine that’s built over a relational engine in SQL server, coupled with enterprise-class hardware.
Cambay leverages Azure Analytics to uncover real-time insights from IoT devices, implement powerful cloud-based analytics with Azure ML, process real-time data streams using Stream Analytics, deploy big data solutions using HDInsight, and leverage Power BI to provide data visuals and dashboards.

Azure Analytics Capabilities

Azure Databricks

Uncover key business insights from your data sets and create artificial intelligence (AI) solutions with this fast and collaborative Azure analytics platform. We can set you up on the Apache Spark™ environment in minutes.
It enables you to easily integrate with open source libraries and operate in a shared, interactive work environment that boosts productivity, while modernizing your warehouse in the data cloud for increased scalability.

Azure Stream Analytics

Handle your mission-critical workloads with ease and deliver powerful insights in-real time. Build a robust, serverless streaming data pipeline to analyze millions of IoT devices at sub-second latencies, in just a few clicks.
With built-in machine learning (ML) capabilities for more advanced scenarios, it ensures enterprise-grade reliability.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Combining enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics, this solution offers you the flexibility to leverage either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources, and query data, as desired.
It also offers a unified experience to ready, manage and serve data for urgent BI and ML requirements.

Data Lake Analytics

An on-demand pay-per-job analytics service that simplifies big data to power intelligent actions. Posing no need to manage any infrastructure, it enables you to process data as desired, scale-up, and pay per job. You can virtualize your analytics, debug, and optimize your big data programs with ease.
Data Lake Analytics helps you run parallel data transformation and processing programs in Python, SQL, R, and .NET over petabytes of data.

Data Factory

A hybrid data integration service that automates data transformation at scale. It improves productivity and a shorter time to market. It integrates data cost-effectively and quickly and hence reduces overhead costs.
Azure Data Factory leverages pre-build connectors to provide resilient data transfer by using the full capacity of underlying network bandwidth. Data Factory is certified by HIPAA, HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, and CSA STAR

Azure Data Lake Storage

A fully managed scalable and secure file system that stores and analyzes huge data sets and objects, builds, debugs, and optimizes heavy parallel programs with ease, optimize. Designed for the cloud, it offers enterprise-grade security and support.
Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 encompasses Blob storage capabilities, durability, performance, and is optimized for advanced analytics workloads. Azure Data Lake can exchange data with business applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI.


A fully managed cloud Hadoop and Spark service that helps you easily get started in your favorite development environment. It integrates seamlessly with other Azure services and is adept at spinning big data clusters so that you pay only for what you use.
HDInsight handles petabytes of structured and unstructured data without any hardware or installation cost and allows deployment of projects using Spark, Kafka, and Hadoop.

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