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In today's digital era, security is paramount for every organization's IT strategy. The rise of cloud computing has revolutionized how we manage data, network, application, and infrastructure security.

Azure Security offers a comprehensive suite of customizable security tools designed to protect your data, infrastructure, applications, and workloads, whether they reside in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid settings. Its advanced security services boast superior threat intelligence, proactively detecting and addressing threats in real-time across hybrid cloud environments. This provides a layered defense mechanism for both hosts and networks.

As a Managed Service Provider of Azure, Cambay Consulting harnesses Azure Security's capabilities to shield your resources from threats. We handle infrastructure and workload security, smart monitoring, security audits, identity & access management, and more, ensuring robust security oversight and meeting a wide range of compliance controls. Our security services encompass:

  • Identity & access management
  • App & data protection
  • Network security
  • Advanced Threat protection
  • Security management
  • Security audit

Azure Sentinel

Azure Sentinel offers cutting-edge security analytics tailored for the entirety of your hybrid organization. Acting as a vigilant watchtower, it amasses security data from diverse sources—be it devices, applications, or cloud servers—fostering a more secured environment. Leveraging the power of AI, Sentinel proactively detects potential threats.

With a cost-effective model that only charges for what you use, Azure Sentinel prioritizes both security and efficiency. Its inherent cloud scalability ensures seamless adaptability to your needs, freeing users from the burdens of infrastructure configuration, maintenance, and scaling.

Key Vault

Key Vault is a cloud-based service designed to provide a centralized repository for securely storing and managing sensitive information. Beyond just safeguarding data from exposure in source code, it ensures robust authentication and authorization protocols. This eliminates the complexities of on-premises storage, optimizing application latency through cloud scalability.

Furthermore, with Azure Key Vault, users benefit from streamlined automation processes for SSL/TLS certificates, negating the need to provision, configure, or manage HSMs.

Application Gateway

Application Gateway is a robust Layer 7 load balancing solution designed for Azure environments, ensuring scalability and enhanced security for your web front ends. Acting as a protective shield, it effectively guards your applications against various threats. Whether you're operating on public, private, or hybrid websites, it provides tailored load-balancing capabilities.

With support for cookie-based sessions and SSL offloading, it efficiently manages session persistence and alleviates the encryption burden on servers, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Azure Information Protection

Azure Information Protection is a dynamic cloud solution designed to safeguard enterprise data. It empowers organizations to classify, label, and secure sensitive information—such as emails and documents—whether automatically, manually, or using a combination of both. By tailoring protection based on data sensitivity, it ensures the right level of security for each piece of information.

Moreover, Azure Information Protection provides valuable insights into shared data activities, fostering safer collaboration with colleagues, customers, and partners.

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-centric, multi-tenant directory and identity service (IDaaS). It stands as a robust shield, defending against 99.9% of cybersecurity threats. Azure AD streamlines user access with features like single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.

Additionally, it enhances user independence and security with self-service password resets. For businesses, it grants insights through application usage and security monitoring, ensuring secure and efficient access to applications hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Security Center

Azure Security Center serves as an integrated security management solution, delivering comprehensive threat protection across your hybrid cloud workloads, whether based in the cloud or on-premises. Beyond safeguarding your data centers, it enhances the security of both Windows and Linux servers, cloud-native applications, data, and IoT solutions. Additionally, its seamless onboarding flow facilitates effortless integration with partner solutions, including those from Check Point, Tenable, and CyberArk.

Domain Services

Domain Services provide robust domain controller capabilities, allowing enterprises to seamlessly transfer applications to Azure and enhance their functionalities. With a quick setup process, it operates on a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go model. This ensures you only pay for what you use, and testing can be done without identity concerns.

Beyond this, Domain Services facilitate efficient management of Azure virtual machines via Group Policy. Quick deployment is possible, with the flexibility to adjust performance levels through resource forests and the added assurance of daily backups.

Dedicated HSM

Dedicated HSM is a cloud-integrated hardware security module designed for seamless management and optimal compliance handling. It facilitates straightforward application migration to Azure while providing a significant boost in application performance by reducing latency. Moreover, Dedicated HSM addresses a wide range of security and compliance needs, ensuring both robustness and adaptability for users.

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