Mixed Reality

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Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality

Imagine a workspace where real-time collaborative problem-solving bridges distances, bringing together remote team members. Dynamics 365's mixed reality applications enable employees to revolutionize teamwork and enhance operational efficiency instantly.

A recent Microsoft-sponsored survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows that 87% of respondents are currently exploring, piloting, or deploying mixed reality.

At Cambay Consulting, we equip your frontline workers with an array of applications, ushering them into a new realm of creativity and teamwork. This facilitates quicker problem-solving, even in remote scenarios.

Our mixed reality application suite includes:

  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist
  • Dynamics 365 Guides
  • Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality Applications

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is a cutting-edge application that facilitates real-time collaboration between technicians, regardless of their location. Using HoloLens, Android, or iOS devices, technicians can share live views with experts and receive guidance, all while maintaining hands-free operation—critical for tasks that demand full attention.

The inclusion of video sharing, screenshots, and annotations streamlines communication, optimizing workflows and leading to significant cost savings. This tool is not just about remote collaboration; it's about ensuring high-quality, efficient work with the support of experts, no matter the distance.

Dynamics 365 Guides

Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed reality application that revolutionizes training and learning experiences. By harnessing the power of holographic instructions, spatial triggers, and integrating seamlessly with the Dynamics 365 suite, it provides employees with a methodical, hands-on approach to acquiring new skills using HoloLens devices.

The application offers step-by-step guides enhanced with photos, videos, and 3D models, set against real-world environments. This immersive experience not only reduces the learning curve but also optimizes operational efficiency. With its interactive business intelligence dashboards, you can further boost workflow efficiency, all without the need for coding skills.

Dynamics 365 Product Visualize

Dynamics 365 Product Visualize empowers businesses to showcase and customize their products in real-time using mixed reality. This tool allows users to overlay 3D models of products in the physical environment, offering customers a lifelike preview and enhancing their decision-making process.

Integrating with the broader Dynamics 365 suite, Product Visualize bridges the gap between static product images and tangible products, facilitating interactive and immersive customer experiences.

Empower your team with Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality.

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