Microsoft Azure IoT Services

Build robust IoT Solutions using Managed and Platform Services

Microsoft Azure IoT Services

IoT Services

IoT enables enterprises to evolve their operations, launch new products, and improve customer experiences through connected devices to fuel innovation, create new revenue streams, minimize costs, and drive digital transformation.

Cambay’s IoT services comprise Strategic Consulting, Platform, Firmware & Application Development, and Edge Deployment. These services enable enterprises to connect devices, analyze device data, accelerate time to market, and tap new revenue streams.

Our experienced IoT consultants have provided IoT consulting services and developed IoT solutions across various domains, enabling customers to transform business needs into competitive differentiators. Cambay provides comprehensive IoT services from consulting to platform development to application development.

With 50+ IoT customers, 50+ SMEs, 3000+ Edge gateway deployments, an IoT R&D team, and global delivery centers, we are uniquely positioned to enhance efficiency and reduce your operating and maintenance costs.

IoT Services

IoT Consulting

IoT is a powerful disruptive force shaping the future of enterprises. Whether you're in the early stages of your IoT journey or already leveraging its potential, our IoT consulting services are designed to ensure you benefit from IoT capabilities not just for the immediate future, but in the long run as well. Our IoT Consulting Services include:

  • Requirement induction and analysis
  • Identification of IoT business use cases
  • Business process modeling, including technology, process, and security consulting
  • Data capture methods
  • Consultation on deployment options: Cloud, on-premises, or hybrid
  • Firmware design and development
  • Edge computing solutions
  • PoC/MVP implementation

IoT Application Development

Our IoT app development services provide state-of-the-art smart applications for diverse industries—including security, automation, home, and industrial IoT. These applications transform business operations and offer a comprehensive 360-degree customer experience.

We offer end-to-end IoT application development services, creating cloud-based, high-speed web and mobile applications for users of connected products. Our IoT app development services include:

  • Native, web, hybrid apps on the OS of your preference.
  • Intelligent IoT apps by infusing AI/ML capabilities.
  • Apps to control IoT hardware devices remotely.
  • Apps that work with wearable devices, sensors, AR/VR devices.
  • Futuristic self-tracker apps.
  • User experience for IoT.
  • IoT platform integration.
  • API development and integration.
  • Data analytics for connected devices.

IoT Solution Development

Our IoT solution development focuses on creating smart, connected devices that harness the power of cloud computing, machine learning, and advanced analytics. This enables efficient data processing and the delivery of innovative digital services.

  • Industrial IoT – Accelerate the shift to Industry 4.0 with AI.
  • Connected Products – Power operations with smart devices.
  • Connected Health – Link patients to healthcare providers.
  • Connected Supply Chain – Automate logistics and transportation.
  • Home Automation – Manage lights, AC, and more.

IoT Testing and Managed Services

Our IoT testing offers comprehensive functional services for IoT implementations. We manage, monitor, and optimize your IoT assets to ensure you realize the full value of your IoT investments.

  • Security Testing: Includes Functional, Integration, and Load testing
  • Device Field Testing
  • Platform Testing
  • Incident Management
  • Application Management
  • Remote Infrastructure Management

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