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Modernize your data for more business value

Data silos are a breeding ground for data duplication and inaccuracy. This blocks enterprises to adopt modern data platform/technology to create a data-driven culture. As per Gartner, 75% of the databases will be migrated or deployed to cloud.

Cambay’s Data Modernization Assessment program evaluates your current state of database and applications and provides you a roadmap for a modern data platform. Our Data Assessment includes

  • Free Assessment for 40 Hours
  • Assessment of data repository on-premise to Azure
  • Data backup and storage deployment plan
  • DR deployment plan
  • SQL 2008 Migration to Azure SQL DB
  • Assess (DW, Data Lake, Data bricks, Power BI)


Detailed project plan for Phase 1 with a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
Roadmap deck with phases & workstreams
TCO/ROI assessment

Accelerate Your App Migration, Modernization, or Innovation Journey

Are your legacy applications meeting the requirements imposed by digital business? Legacy applications, many of which are outdated, slow down operations, increase support costs, and put your data at risk for security breaches.

Cambay’s Application Modernization Assessment program will provide evaluate your application portfolio, risk, readiness, complexity evaluation and high-level application modernization roadmap to provide new functionalities and drive more revenue. Our App modernization assessment includes.

  • Free 40 hours of consultation towards app modernization
  • Detailed workshops to understand business priorities.
  • Identify the set of core applications to be assessed.


Detailed project plan for Phase 1 with a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
TCO/ROI assessments
Roadmap deck with phases and workstreams

Move to modern workflows with Power Automate

Microsoft recently announced the end of life for the legacy SharePoint 2010 workflows. Enterprises need to migrate their complex business complex business processes from the SharePoint 2010 workflow engine to a modern and capable solution – Power Automate Platform

Cambay’s SharePoint Workflow to Power Automate migration assessment uses a proven and tested process, designed to ensure a well-architected solution to migrate your workflows without any disruptions. Our approach includes:

  • Discovery and Scope Definition
  • Change control and Communication
  • Migration Planning
  • Develop, Test and Plan
  • Execute and Decommission
  • Optimize and Govern

Cost: US $10,000 for 1 to 2 Week Assessment


Current state review
Assessment reports showing the workflows in use and to migrate.
Develop a migration and transition plan.

Get the most of your Teams with Teams Automation Solution

The COVID-19 pandemic is driving people to remote work, driving the need for modern workplace collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. With the rapid adoption, organizations continue to face the challenges of enabling automation, driving efficiency, and governance to Microsoft Teams.

Cambay’s Teams Automation Solution powered by Power Automate, PowerApps, and Azure Automation drives workflow automation enabling enhanced collaboration, productivity, and increased overall efficiency without compromising security and privacy. Our Teams automation solution will provide

  1. Create Teams – Allows enterprises to automatically setup Teams based on business events and triggers.
  2. Add Channels - Allows you to create and update new channels. Provide the display name and add a description. Set the channel to be Private or Public.
  3. Add users and admins - Automatically add and manage users or admin to the Team for instant and modern communication.
  4. Integration - Integrate the third party, or Microsoft provided apps (Planner, and others)

Cost: US $10,000 for a standard Teams Automation solution


Enhanced team collaboration and increased communication.
More streamlined process without compromising security.
Creates greater governance on what Teams need to be created.

Modernize Collaboration and Communication with PMIS

Does lack of proximity in the office leading to disrupted communication and inefficient collaboration? Are you facing challenges to deliver your projects effectively and efficiently in a crisis?

Cambay’s Project Management Information System (PMIS), developed leveraging SharePoint’s modern framework, Power Automate, and Azure Functions, enables organizations to execute projects seamlessly through an intuitive and engaging interface.

  • Tasks - Task allocation to team members and tracking
  • Approval - Phase gate approvals management
  • Gant Chart - Gant chart view and dynamic management for effective collaboration or reporting.
  • Risks - Project wise risk allocation and mitigations
  • Issues - Allocate issues members and track for fixes.
  • Dashboards - Resource wise projects, risks, and issues

Cost: US $25,000 for Standard SharePoint Modern Environment PMIS Solution

Key Features

Seamless Collaboration as it is built on SharePoint and Power Automate
Use standalone or integrate with other your favorite tools
Built-in workflow automation

Windows Virtual Desktop Assessment

Get most out of your VDI investment with Microsoft WVD

Cambay's 2-Day WVD Assessment will evaluate WVD on Azure and provide you data and recommendations for readiness assessment to deploy Azure-based Windows Virtual Desktops. During this two-day assessment, our WVD experts will discuss:

  • Multi-session deployments that deliver a full Windows 10 enterprise user experience with flexibility and scalability in the cloud.
  • How to bring existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows Server desktops and apps to any computer.
  • How to virtualize both desktops and apps including Microsoft 365, LoB and third-party apps.

Cost: US $2,500 for a WVD 2-day assessment

Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment

Jump start your WVD deployment to boost remote workforce's productivity

Cambay's two-week WVD deployment accelerator enables you to deploy and run WVD on Azure to help you move to the cloud platform of the future. Our WVD experts will work with you to provide the most productive virtualized environment with WVD.

  • Setup a scalable and flexible environment in the cloud
  • Deploy and manage pooled/persistent virtual desktops
  • Assign and connect users to virtual desktop host pools
  • Simplify connectivity, management, and security controls

Cost: US $10,000 for WVD 2-week deployment


Gather requirements specific to your current on-premises/VDI environment.
Understand use cases for varied user workload types, apps, and profiles.
Demonstrate how WVD workloads can be configured/managed in Azure.

Microsoft Teams Calling Assessment

Unleash the power of Microsoft Teams Calling in just 2 days.

Microsoft Teams Calling (MTC), a cloud-based phone system, allows employees to make high quality calls from wherever they are while using their work number.

Cambay’s Microsoft Teams Calling (MTC) two-day assessment helps you assess and evaluate how Microsoft Teams can simplify your enterprise voice services with a reliable, high-quality integrated calling solution built on the Microsoft cloud.

  • Discuss and gather requirements of the current on-prem PBX and PSTN environment
  • Show how you can call from a single number from anywhere, any device.
  • Discuss major configuration options, architecture, 3rd party add-ons, licensing scenarios, and hardware options.

Cost: US $2,500 for a MTC 2-day assessment

Microsoft Teams Calling Deployment

Simplify Your Enterprise Voice Services with MTC

Cambay's MTC 2-Week deployment helps you build a plan to deploy and run MTC on Microsoft 365.

  • Simplify communications with one platform/solution.
  • Deploy and call from anywhere, on any device.
  • Assign and deliver rich calling features.
  • Streamline setup and management.

Cost: US $10,000 for MTC 2-week deployment


Demonstrate MTC experience to showcase why Microsoft Teams is the right calling solution.
Recommendations to deploy and adopt MTC as your modern collaboration and communication solution.
Deployment scenarios, pricing options, and discounts.

Create great intranet experiences for your next generation employees.

Are you having a legacy intranet platform that cannot meet modern collaboration requirements? Modern users look for a simple and interactive user interface. Developing such a solution from the ground up is expensive, takes a longer time to build, and often results in low adoption.

Cambay’s Intranet Out-of-the-Box Solution is an intelligent unified collaboration platform for corporate communication and document management. The solution delivers high-quality and tons of useful intranet features that can be customized for your organization to provide an outstanding user experience.

Different Modules

  • Home page
  • Department page
  • Document Management
  • Hub Sites

Cost: US $40,000 for 3 to 4 Weeks


Modern Workplace - Provides businesses with centralized communication, & collaboration.
Built on SharePoint - Provides unified information architecture.
Document Management - Empowers employees to collaborate and coauthor content.

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