You purchased Microsoft Dynamics CRM, configured it, thought you had everything covered, and subsequently realized that:

  • You are experiencing poor user adoption to your current Dynamics 365 system?
  • Or You feel you made some errors during the initial implementation that require reevaluation and corrections? Or
  • You realized the configuration does not match the actual processes that your employees are using to service your customers?

Cambay's Dynamics 365 CRM Rapid Reengagement Program helps organizations revise and redeploy their system to drive user adoption. Our expertise and implementation experience provide you with step-by-step guidance, training, and insights that boost user adoption and get your business operating at top speed.

Rapid Reengagement Program – What We Do

D365 Rapid reengagement program

Why Rapid Reengagement Program?

Actionable insights to improve user adoption and efficiency

Reduce Costs
Reduces your training and support costs

Analysis Outlining
A well-defined GAP analysis outlining the differences between your current employee’s operational methodology and your currently configured system

Road Map
A road map for further enhancing the system for additional workloads and acceptance

Ready to drive business transformation with Dynamics 365?