Banking and Financial Services

Streamlined, Digital & Compliant

Banking and Financial Services

Transforming Banking & Financial Landscape

At Cambay, we help Commercial Banks, Financial Institutions and Small business units transform their operations from reactive to proactive by moving to digitally-enabled operations – thanks to a fusion of expertise and cutting-edge technology we offer. Our tailored Banking and Financial Services (BFS) encompass a comprehensive array of solutions designed to optimize back-office functions, mitigate risk, minimize Operational Spending, and streamline processes in key banking domains.

We integrate Six Sigma methodologies with advanced data analysis and AI/ML capacities to ensure not just efficiency, but also compliance with stringent banking regulations. Our dedicated team of banking domain experts stands ready to seamlessly integrate into your operations, allowing your staff to concentrate on strategic growth initiatives.

Transforming Banking & Financial Landscape

Why choose Cambay Consulting?

Deep Domain Industry Expertise

With a dedicated focus on the banking sector, Cambay Consulting brings specialized expertise in optimizing operations, digitalizing solutions, and ensuring compliance within the financial landscape

A Focus on The Right Metrics

Improve day-to-day performance and business value through relevant, actionable business insights

Technology-driven Approach

Transform your business processes by relying on consistent, dependable delivery from global tech leaders

Adherence to Integrity & Stringent Compliance

Our commitment to integrity and compliance is unwavering. We prioritize adherence to regulations, ensuring trust, security, and peace of mind for our partners

The Services We Offer

We leverage an extensive collection of tools, technology, and experts to transform the following functions

Operations Management

Operations Management

  • Loan Operations
  • Mortgage Services
  • Deposit Operations
  • Treasury Management
  • Credit Administration
  • Shared Services
Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Insurance Processes
  • Financial Crimes Management
Efficiency and Optimization

Efficiency and Optimization

  • RPA Process Automation
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Operations Excellence
Finance and Accounting

Finance and Accounting

  • Bookkeeping Services (USA, India, Middle East region)
  • Payroll Processing
  • Record to Report
  • Order to Cash
  • Procure to Pay
  • AP/AR Automation Services
Specialized Services

Specialized Services

  • Payment Processing
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Financial Solutions FAQs:

Insights for Banks & Institutions

Why should Banks and Financial Institutions collaborate with Managed Service Providers for outsourcing digital transformation and Backoffice processes?

Despite substantial digital investments, many banks still grapple with complex, rigid, and expensive operating models. However, the rise of cloud-based AI and machine learning systems surpassing human abilities enables a new phase for banking operations. When fused with traditional Six Sigma discipline, data-driven design strategies, and strategic managed-service alliances, these systems pave the way for swift transformation in banks. This leads to more tailored and impactful customer and employee experiences, while significantly enhancing cost efficiency and compliance.

What are the benefits of outsourcing for financial institutions?

Outsourcing offers cost efficiencies, access to specialized skills, scalability, enhanced compliance, and improved operational focus

How does Cambay Consulting assist banks and financial institutions?

Cambay Consulting delivers tailored solutions for optimized operations, digitalized processes, risk mitigation, and regulatory compliance in Banking and Finance. Our collaborative approach, understanding client needs, expertise, and cutting-edge technology ensure effective outcomes.

What services does Cambay offer to support banking operations?

Cambay offers a comprehensive array of Banking and Financial Services (BFS) encompassing loan operations, mortgage services, risk management, digital transformation, and more.

How does Cambay ensure data security and confidentiality?

Cambay employs stringent data security measures, complies with industry regulations, and adheres to best practices to safeguard client data.

How quickly can Cambay integrate services into existing banking systems?

Cambay's seamless integration process ensures swift implementation, allowing for minimal disruption to existing operations

How does Cambay integrate RPA-Automation into Banking and Financial Operations?

At Cambay, we enhance productivity by deeply analyzing workforce activities, application utilization, and process intricacies. By combining the capabilities of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we identify opportunities to automate repetitive tasks. RPA significantly enhances the efficiency of functions such as accounts payable, customer service, mortgage loan processing, account closure, and credit card processing within the banking industry.

Can clients expect ongoing support after the initial implementation?

Absolutely, we offer continuous support post-implementation, including regular performance reviews, updates, and refinements to optimize ongoing operations.

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