Do you have legacy applications built years ago that no longer deliver business value, need a facelift, or require additional functionality to address your changing business environment? We have found that legacy applications were not built with the same security and data restrictions as modern solutions and are not ready for cloud migration. Are you looking to update them, improve performance or functionality, and develop them to increase business value to your organization?

Cambay can help you leverage low-code/no-code platforms to empower your enterprise with self-service innovation by driving operational efficiencies and reducing development costs. Our business modernization accelerator will help you identify, migrate, and modernize your legacy apps to a modern, secure, and scalable platform geared for movement to your cloud platform.

Application Modernization with Low-Code

Application Modernization


app modernization with platform
Assessment of current state processes

Low-code application
Analysis of business

Application Modernization with Power Platform
Future state deployment prioritization

Recommendation of process automation & security-model determination

Modernize your legacy applications with low-code, faster

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