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Modern business owners have incorporated technological solutions to be part of their business processes. However, not all IT applications are useful in running business enterprises. In a fast changing business world, it's important for technical personnel and business executives to deploy sustainable technology solutions that can guarantee long-term profits for their ventures.

Infrastructure Management

We offer you services that allow you to get control of your IT systems. From conducting comprehensive requirement analysis to providing custom tailored solutions, we provide you with single point of contact for all your IT needs.

Design and Consulting

If you have already given up on outdated physical infrastructure and considering the wonders of virtualization for the growth and evolution of your business, let Cambay Design and Consulting Services...

Cloud Adoption

Since inception, CambayCS has successfully enabled enterprises to adopt desktop virtualization technologies, both on private and public clouds, at scale and has a proven track record in engineering user-centric...


If you're unable to keep up with the growing storage needs of your applications, your operational costs and infrastructure overhaul is escalating and your disaster recovery system is taking....

Security Services Portfolio

CambayCS has a comprehensive portfolio to address Enterprise security challenges. Our services encompass ensuring data security while meeting industry regulations and compliance requirements.

Software Development

CambayCS has served companies all across the globe from start-ups to mega businesses. We are a leading provider in software Development.


CambayCS has experience in creating strategies for companies on how to enter mobile arena, design & developed apps to support their products & services, created responsive design (mobile ready)...

Engineering Services

Cambay Engineering Services helped the client with CAD/CAM modeling, and simulation enabling faster time-to-market.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation, also known as subcontracting, is primarily outsourcing of Manpower on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited period of time.


CambayCS offers a combination of deep finance domain knowledge with strong core technical capabilities.

ICO Development

We provide a quick, secure and a highly reliable procedure to raise your Initial Coin Offering.


Cambay Consulting has an extensive talent pool of highly skilled technical professionals as well as specialty nurses and healthcare professionals that are currently interested in contract or per diem work at your facility.