In the digital age, we’re all connected. Workplace collaboration is taking new forms. Team members can work together from anywhere in the world, as if they’re in the same room together. There are a number of different options for digital group collaboration, but if you’re using Office 365, then the easiest and most versatile option is Microsoft Teams.

MS Teams lets you set up a channel for your team, wherein members can share files, send messages, and even audio or video chat with one another. You can seamlessly switch from one form of communication to another, and all important information and messages are in a single location that can be accessed from any device, anywhere.

This makes it easy for team members not only to share information, but to keep track of it over time, much more easily than in, say, a group e-mail or text chain. Audio and video meetings can even be recorded and automatically uploaded to the cloud, for easy reference later.

And since it’s part of Office 365, it seamlessly integrates with all of your Microsoft programs and files, from Word and Excel to SharePoint and Azure, and more!

Cambay can help you implement Office 365 and use Microsoft Teams, to keep your entire team connected,

so you can share ideas, research, works in progress, and whatever else you need for your project.