With complete virtualization of business set-up, dependency on the software-defined network (SDN) and increasing networking on cloud computing datacenters and enterprise, the need for security measures against cybercrime is significant. If even a bit of data is compromised, it can take the whole organization down. Before any security threat jeopardizes your competitiveness, performance or innovation, you need a reliable source for intelligent incident detection and automated response.

SDN Security helps you detect and take action against spasm

Cambay CS offers practical and customized SDN security services to protect the availability, privacy and integrity of all information and connected resources in SDN environment.

We deploy, manage and control the security of the SDN infrastructure, network, servers, storage units and computing resources through different techniques and SDN security applications.

We at Cambay CS help you limit and control the access to the controller and to maintain the appropriate availability of the controller to secure the network. We make sure the central server, applications installed on it and devices linked to it are trustable and are operating appropriately without variation and we run remediation and forensics when an incident happen to assess the damage and to develop security policies for it in future.

Benefits of SDN Security Services by Cambay CS

  • Collection of network usage information to develop improved algorithm design to detect threats
  • Better traffic anomaly detection and its mitigation
  • Advanced policy enforcement to enable the application to keep the threats away from critical network areas
  • Allowing the flow of normal traffic while blocking selective unhealthy traffic

Case in Point

A reputed ad agency in Malaysia experienced a brutal cyber-attack and wanted to adapt to a secure system for up-coming expected threats. Our teams at Cambay CS analyzed their infrastructure, servers, and data center and storage units to make sure they work appropriately and used specific SDN security apps to optimize their security.