When it comes to having your data in the cloud, there are two major concerns. One is network reliability and the other is overall security. Both take a significant amount of time and resources to maintain—which is why for most businesses, it makes sense to leverage a partner who can do the job properly.

NOC as a Service

Your Network Operations Center makes sure your network is accessible and running smoothly to the people who need it. The center constantly scans for issues and fixes them nearly as quickly as they are identified, to optimize your network for the users.

Benefits of NOC as a Service

Constant support

Your outsourced NOC has the experienced resources to monitor your network 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So if one of your employees is working on a weekend, a holiday, late at night, or in a different time zone, they can still count on network reliability, and get support if they need it.

Regular maintenance and updates

They’ll make sure your network is updated as needed, automatically, to keep it optimized for your use, without the need for network downtime.

Cost efficiency

To manage your network in-house, you’d have to hire several new fulltime employees and expend a tremendous amount of other resources. NOC as a service can optimize your network more efficiently and keep you running smoothly, for a single, monthly rate.

SOC as a Service

In today’s connected world, cybersecurity is a major concern. When your business has data in the cloud or distributed across a hybrid workload, how do you know it won’t be compromised? A data breach could put both you and your customers at risk. That’s why a staffed and engaged Security Operations Center is essential: to monitor your network for potential threats and eliminate them before they become a problem.

Much like a NOC, a SOC can monitor your network 24/7—but instead of looking for connectivity issues, it looks for attempts to access your environment without permission. If, for example, a login is attempted with an incorrect password, or from an unauthorized device, that activity is then flagged, to determine whether or not there’s a legitimate threat and act accordingly, to keep your environment safe and secure at all times.

Managed Detection & Response

  • Incident Data Search and Investigation
  • Alert triage or Suspicious Activity Validation
  • Suspicious Activity Detection
  • Threat Hunting or Data Exploration
  • Stopping Malicious Activity
  • Remediation

Regular maintenance and updates

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Management
  • Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Security Assessment
  • Anti Virus and malware management service
  • Secure Configuration Management
  • Patch Management
  • Forensics Analysis

Device Monitoring & Management

  • 24 x 7 Proactive Security Incident Monitoring, Detection & Notification
  • Maintain Device Inventory Database
  • Backup & Archival of Device Configuration
  • Availability Monitoring
  • Fault Detection & Notification
  • Fault Diagnosis & Resolution
  • Firewall Management

Log Management & Analysis

  • Security Event Aggregation, Normalization & Correlation
  • Security Policy Consultation
  • Incident Management to coordinate mitigation & remediation steps with customer team to respond to incidents
  • Log Retention

Cambay CS can provide the NOC and SOC services that your company needs to keep it optimized and protect it from any and all potential threats.