Shared Desktops, A step towards the Future

In this continuingly evolving world, it is important to keep up with the technical adaptations and demands of increasing global workforce. Dependency on the outdated hardware to meet your performance, flexibility and security requirement is fatuous. To optimize your business performance, you need to dismount the time required to integrate acquisitions, to create secure remote data-center and to maximize the employee performance by giving all of them incessant access to the storage and resources at the same time.

Hosted Shared Desktops Do the Same for You

Hosted shared desktops are desktops running on a remote server instead of PC where multiple users can connect, access the data and run applications at the same time via the internet.

Cambay CS prides itself on delivering the most guided and professional Hosted Shared Desktop Services by using the products like Citrix XenApp. We enable you to connect the maximum number of people to your shared desktop by managing the Citrix and RDS licenses.

Significant Benefits of HSD Services by Cambay CS

  • Lower hardware requirements, reduced storage costs and enhanced mobility
  • Server’s personalization, cost-effectiveness and management efficiency
  • Desired changes in the Window server 2008 R2 by using Citrix group policies
  • Improved human performance and applications compatibility

Case in Point

A leading global law firm in Canada wanted to make their applications easily accessible by all employees without a glitch and they wanted a system to execute their plans from the one server. Hosted Shared Desktop was the most suitable solution for them.

Cambay CS team published the server for their desktops with Citrix XenApp 6.5 installed on it and helped them share the server among multiple users based on the RDS and Citrix available licenses.