By running your desktop on a remote virtual server instance, instead of on a computer, you can run all of your applications in a very resilient environment accessible by any device that user requires. Traditionally you would be tied to a single, physical device. You can even allow multiple people to access a desktop simultaneously, collaborating and sharing files to optimize productivity.

Cambay CS can implement a hosted shared desktop for your organization, and allow the maximum number of people to connect to it simultaneously, through the use of Citrix and/or RDS licenses.

Our shared desktop services cut capital expenses by reducing hardware costs, as well as the cost of storage, while providing you with complete server personalization and overall improved performance.

Data Migration

Implementing a hosted shared desktop requires migrating your data to the cloud. Or maybe your data is already on the cloud, but it no longer meets your needs. To run your company effectively and continue to evolve, you need a more comprehensive cloud option.

Cambay’s IT experts can aid you in cloud migration, whether it’s from onsite computers or cloud to cloud. We’ll analyze your needs and help you choose the cloud service model that works best for you, to reduce operating costs and provide you with the scalability to accommodate you as your organization grows.

Cambay’s risk-free cloud migration services provide you with complete control over your system and resources, along with automatic software upgrades, backups, and system maintenance.

Desktop Virtualization

Your data isn’t the only thing that migrates to the cloud. Most of your software and applications can be virtualized so they can be used from various devices. Cambay can help you with virtualization, to provide your employees with a complete, personalized desktop experience, accessible from anywhere and maintained from device to device—even on computers that don’t run Windows. This reduces license volumes and expands the functional reach of your business resources.

Cambay CS virtualization gives you complete control to use your applications, or block them as needed, without having to uninstall them from individual devices. All applications run smoothly, without interfering with any other applications. And all of your data is kept safe and secure, against breaches, crashes, and other potential disasters.

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