Simple and One-Point Applications Control for you Diverse Organizational Needs

Taking care of the personalized needs of your employees and providing them with all the demanded resources to optimize their performance is not overrated. They need exclusive access to the organization’s database and applications to work on assigned assignments. Your IT managers cannot sacrifice their precious time on managing the applications on all individual computers for your employees. This might be the worst success strategy you have.

You need a centralized one-stop system to control the access, operations and administration of your applications.

Application Virtualization offers the same privileges

We at Cambay CS use our in-depth application virtualization knowledge and expertise to optimize the end-user experience with applications. We use highly technical tools and products such as VMware ThinApp, Citrix XenApp and Microsoft App-V. By using these credible resources, we install your applications on the centralized server and help you transmit the applications from the server to desktops as individual pixels through various remote display protocols such as Blast Extreme, Citrix HDX, VMware View PCoIP and Microsft Remote FX.

Benefits of Virtualizing Applications through Cambay CS

  • Complete control over your applications access and ability to deny it anytime without having to uninstall it individually
  • Running an application smoothly without conflicting with other applications
  • Safety of sensitive information on the centralized database in case of lost computers
  • Quick applications availability even through non-window computers

Case in Point

A reputed marketing agency with more than 80 employees working at the same location was looking for a system to help their employees’ access application without having to install them individually. We at Cambay CS analyzed their infrastructure and servers capacity and used Citrix XenApp to help them virtualize all of their marketing-related applications.