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Leading Children’s Hospital Benefits From 2000 Hours of Administrative Time Saved Through HR Process Automation

As the COVID-19 pandemic struck, a leading children’s research hospital recognized the need to automate their approval and return-to-work processes to normalize operations swiftly.

The Novel Coronavirus had placed the Healthcare frontline workers under tremendous stress, during its peak, and there was the added stress of visitation restrictions. This leading children’s research hospital, whose mission is to advance cures and prevent catastrophic pediatric diseases through research and treatment, required a method for tracking, and authorizing visitor access. This would ensure protection for parents, patients (children), and caregivers from the COVID-19 virus.

Saves over 2,000 hours of administrative time
Reduced time to operations from weeks to days
Response to caregivers reduced from hours to minutes

Business Challenges:

  • Ensure that none of the patients, doctors, or support staff would be impacted by COVID-19 while at the hospital.
  • Address delayed or canceled clinical trials hampered by manual processes.
  • Automate the existing manual approval process for campus visits. For example, HR was required to reach out to every employee who was managing data in spreadsheets and subsequently had to send the spreadsheets to the security personnel to authorize entry to the campus.
  • Employees who were required to work remotely were also required to complete a work location questionnaire. With forms coming in from over 1800+ employees, HR found it challenging to manage all the necessary paperwork. This included maintaining the confidentiality of employee information, quickly and effectively.
  • Data Analysis was highly complex, tedious, and time-consuming.
  • Hospital administration was manually tracking agreements relating to new hires, existing employees, and termination documents.
  • Efficiently manage its facilities and ensure uncompromised services for its patients.


Collaborating with the customer, Cambay Consulting created a Return-to-Work solution that enables staff and frontline workers to attest their daily health, while also maintaining their vaccination history, to grant them entry to the campus. The solution leverages the capabilities of a modern online data platform, coupled with Cambay's world-class deployment methodology to provide a robust end-to-end process. This solution accomplishes the hospital’s objective of ensuring that employees return to work safely. And to also update staff scheduling needs and maintain the required employment agreements.

Cambay worked with the hospital by:

  • Creating a Return-to-Work (RTW) solution Proof of Concept (POC) within three days, allowing parents and caregivers to evaluate their systems. The system allowed for contact tracing of infected parents and hospital workers. This POC evolved by building automated processes to integrate on-premises data into their cloud solution. After successful implementation, the Return-to-Work solution was launched across the organization.
  • Identifying multiple data sources from which data was required to be extracted, enhancing analysis and decision making.
  • Ensuring that the solution was also connected to their Badge Buddy server. This would ensure that depending on the Covid-19 test results; the individual would be given a red, yellow, or green status on their security badges.
    • A green screening badge granted employees access to the campus and were able to carry out their duties as scheduled.
    • A red screening badge indicated a positive COVID-19 test resulting in a denial of access to the hospital campus.
  • Building a friendly front-end application to automate collecting the necessary information from their remote workforce and focusing on all the employee agreements.
  • Integrating the solution with an electronic E-Signature application to reduce physical document storage and manual documentation approvals.
  • Creating a system where parents and caregivers were tracked for all necessary vaccinations, entry to the campus, allowing them to stay close to their children.

Business value

As a result of all the automation,

  • The hospital claims that they are now saving over 2,000 administrative hours these manual processes. Response time to patients or their caretakers was reduced from several hours to minutes.
  • The suite of solutions reduced the time to return to standard operations from weeks to days, ultimately helping reduce the spread of COVID-19 across the hospital network.
  • The ability to keep track of the caregiver's vaccination status
  • An easy, user friendly interface minimized training – allowing for quick onboarding and high adoption from employees and parents.
  • The same application was later extended to their vendor network.
  • Reduced the burden on the healthcare system, assuring focused care for those in need.
  • The solution allowed the hospital to update and finalize the required remote worker agreements swiftly While ensuring compliance with applicable laws and guidance and allowing employees to focus on what is essential – the Children (patients).

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Over 2,000 Administrative hours saved

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