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Disparate data is one of the biggest issues plaguing businesses today. While companies have many different types of data of their customers, they cannot easily access to make business decisions. Organizations are finding new ways to gather and utilize customer data. As customers become more informed, organizations need to understand the customer behavior to target and market them effectively. In today’s digital age, the more businesses know about their customers, the more competitive they will be.

Are you looking for a powerful, real-time customer data platform which unifies data for real-time insights? Microsoft has released Dynamics 365 Customer Insights business applications in October 2019.

Dynamics 365 Customer insights help you build a deeper understanding of your customers. The applications empower to unify customer's data to gain deeper insights to enhance personalized experiences. Customer expectations are on the rise post COVID-19, and organizations must leverage AI and ML powered Customer Insights to support their business.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

  1. Unify your customer data for real-time insights
    Customer Insights connects data from various transactional, behavioral, and observational sources with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to create a 360-degree customer view. Customer Insights comes with a Power Platform allowing easy import of the data from different sources, including Power Apps, Power BI, JSON, Excel, Microsoft Access, Graph, and others. Microsoft has also created APIs for the most popular software on the market, which provides an easy method to connect these disparate data sources and unify data.
    Customer Insights uses a common data model to build unified customer profiles allowing your sales, marketing, and customer support to have a complete view of the customer journey. It uses AI/ML-driven recommendations to resolve customer identities.

  2. Identify customer trends and enhance intelligence using Microsoft Graph
    Customer Insights helps you recognize behavior and changes in customer trends before your competitors do. The built-in audience intelligence feature in Microsoft Graph helps you better understand and segment your customers based on their correspondences to brands and interests, letting you build rich customer profiles.

  3. Build personalized customer experiences
    Companies that deliver personalized and end-to-end customer experiences are taking their share. Dynamics 365 customer insights drive personalized engagement and customer-centric experiences and processes with AI across sales, marketing, customer success, commerce, or service to create engaging customer led-experiences using out-of-the-box, contextual customer insights and tailored customer profile cards infused into the business applications they already use every day.
    Customer Insights brings unified customer profiles and insights into your applications using a low code approach from Power Apps. It also extends the line of business experiences built on Power Platform.

  4. Key Audience Insights
    The audience insights feature in Customer Insights helps you build strong understanding of your customers.
    1. Data Analysts/Admins
      1. Ingest customer data using pre-defined connectors.
      2. Leverage common data model to unify customer data.
      3. Uses Microsoft Graph to better understand and segment customers using brand affinity and interests.
      4. Identify potential issues and configure audience insights using Clicks-not-code configuration.
      5. Remove data silos and standardize customer data across different sources using ML and AI-powered recommendations.

    2. Business users:
      1. Provides 360-degree customer data and insights.
      2. Provides real-time customer journey orchestration.

    3. Business analysts:
      1. Use predictive analytics to get a 360-degree view of the customer, specific to your business.
      2. Build customer trust with a unified and adaptable platform.
      3. Use out-of-the-box connectors and APIs to process the business insights.

  5. Customer Feedback Integration
    Customer Insights incorporates customer feedback into your product profiles, providing quick insights on product ratings and customer reviews.


Dynamics 365 Customer Insights helps you build richer customer profiles by incorporating aggregated intelligence from first-party and third-party enrichments. Customer insights provide you with actionable insights into your customer data using out-of-the-box AI models or Machine Learning. It helps personalize campaigns and engagement to acquire high-value customers, accelerating transformation and growth.

Watch our on-demand webinar on Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to learn how to pull together all your customer data and drive forward customer-centric experiences and processes.

If you are using another CRM solution besides Dynamics 365 Customer Insights has connectors to most of the popular brands on the market and provides you the same power and functionality. We can help you gain deeper customer insights, build custom apps with a low code development platform, Power Apps, to make your business more competitive than ever. Let us talk.

Gary Krist

VP – Microsoft Business Applications

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