Engineering Services brings together a range of engineering solutions to drive meaningful transformations for Automobile, Industrial & Heavy Engineering, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, and Oil & Gas industries. From concept design to SOP (start of production), our quality-focused approach helps clients reduce the design turnout time and improve manufacturing efficiencies. The result – decreased product development cost, leading to a faster time-to-market.

Our highly-trained talent pool is drawn from Automotive, Heavy & Industrial, Civil Infrastructure and Oil & Gas industries who can quickly align to your business needs, be it engineering, design space, resources or technology.

At Cambay, safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of our clients’ intellectual property is at the core of our business. And that is why when we handle your assets, the relationship is for life.

Product Engineering

Our Mechanical Engineering services offer end-to-end capabilities across the product development life-cycle from conceptual mechanical engineering design to manufacturing.

Electrical Engineering

Designing and assembling the right electrical system is a fine work of art. It can take weeks of research and analysis as the industry sees-technological transformations.

Civil Engineering

Civil and Infrastructure Solutions span the entire spectrum of ‘design to deliver’ across the architectural, contracting, civil engineering, and construction industries worldwide.

Mechanical Engineering

We offer mechanical engineering solutions and value-added services across industry verticals and all key areas of the value chain – engineering design, drafting, animation, and CAD-related services – to fulfill diverse business requirements.

Our Industry Specific Solutions


Product Engineering essentially covers the whole cycle – from designing and developing a complete product system, subsystem or sub-components system to testing and deploying – for a new product launch.

Industrial & Heavy Engineering

Heavy Engineering industry’s operational and safety requirements are stringent due to the sheer scale and size of the operations.The equipment usage under this category also entails challenges and necessitates a fresh approach and innovative thinking to design and address the problems.


We specialize in multiple engineering functions such as MEP, Steel structural design & detailing, BIM and site scanning, and data processing solutions. Our services include end-to-end civil and structural engineering solutions for all types of complex and building works.


We provide rapid mobilization, cost, and schedule-effective, multi-disciplinary plant engineering solutions for complex problems. We currently serve Oil & Gas, Power, Process, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries.

Geospatial and Natural Resources

Engineering suggest Remote sensing and Geographic Information solutions to cover large areas with good spatial accuracy. Our digital solutions have been used in Parcel mapping, Hydrology, Utilities, Mineral deposit in Mining, assess the changes in crop pattern of agriculture and other industrial segments.