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Design and Consulting

Whether you are just considering virtualization or have already taken a decision to adopt it and are wondering how to go forward, CambayCS's Design & Consulting Services can help you make the right decisions. We use our decades of experience in helping you navigate your way through the many complexities involved such as choice of technologies, vendors, licensing considerations, hardware and connectivity, application compatibility, etc. to come up with the optimal solution for your specific needs.

A successful transition from the traditional infrastructure to the new virtualized environment is a complex process. It requires thorough technical knowhow of virtualization technologies to arrive at complete technical assessment of private/public cloud workload of desktops and applications. It also requires in-depth knowledge of IT infrastructure, networking, cloud-providers' architecture, technologies, tools and pricing. CambayCS's Design & Consultancy Services address EUC demands of companies planning to move to virtual workspaces on private or public cloud.

A sample of some factors considered as a part of Design & Consulting :

  • Upstream and downstream dependencies and evaluation of implications of migration to the cloud.
  • Cost-benefit analysis with direct and indirect cost implications, and re-purposing of existing infrastructure.
  • Ease of portability, of the workload to the public or hybrid cloud.
  • Workload performance assessment across relevant geographies.

Benefits :

  • Technical and domain expertise in developing the right design ensures fast-paced, on-time project completion resulting in zero business disruption.
  • Well thought-through use case scenarios, allowing for rapid ramp-up/ramp- down of users and applications, thus enhancing productivity.
  • Access to CambayCS's technical knowhow, tool and technology to ensure efficient operation.

Case in point :

A major company in the mortgage industry wanted to undergo a complete IT refresh and transform its application delivery infrastructure. Since the company's applications and data resided on 50+ physicals servers, CambayCS designed the new IT architecture using HyperConverged Infrastructure in order to replace separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays and create a flexible and agile solution that enabled the organization's 1,200 users to function concurrently. The solution also integrated 3-factor integration for added security, and Mobility to enable end-users the flexibility to access data and applications on the go.

CambayCS migrated the entire infrastructure with zero downtime ensuring zero impact on end-user activities, and the day-to-day business. The overall transformation led to reduced incidents resulting in improved end-user experience and a 30% improvement in end-user productivity.