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Design and Consulting

Cambay help you transit from traditional to modern

If you have already given up on outdated physical infrastructure and considering the wonders of virtualization for the growth and evolution of your business, let Cambay Design and Consulting Services help you in taking this life-changing decision.

We provide you with comprehensive exposure to modern tactics of business with improved IT resources and we never let our expertise leave you until you reach the new level of commercial independence.

We introduce you the new infrastructure, help you choose suitable technologies and applications and optimize your workers' productivity by choosing compatible software and vendors. We analyze the pros and cons of the virtual migrations and evaluate the direct and indirect expenses of the shift and help you make a better business decision.

We design virtual success plans for you

Cambay Design and Consulting Services expose you to the means of eliminating the capital business expenses through a complete shift from hardware to software and save you from regular corporate racking and sacking.

Traditional Businesses see this virtualization as a tricky procedure because of the wide IT related complexities involved. It takes broad IT revelation and understanding of virtual technologies, networking, licensing, pricing and applications used in the installation of end-user computing.

Some Distinct Features offered in Design and Consulting Facilities at Cambay CS

  • Upgrading and downgrading of different features and functionalities and evaluation of the ease of the desired scale of the virtual shift
  • Testing the suitability of infrastructure and its performance to ensure the designed infrastructure's appropriateness
  • Re-purposing of the current infrastructure and cost-efficient analyses of diverse cost implications
  • Assessment of infrastructure performance beyond geographical boundaries of the organization


Function without Disruption
In-depth research of your system leading to effective development and deployment of the unique infrastructure design that works efficiently and promptly without any business disruption

Process with History
Improving the productivity of end-users by taking help from successful previous case scenarios to upgrade and downgrade different applications quickly when needed

Complete Exposure
Complete access to the procedure and tools/techniques used on the way to your prosperity to ensure fineness of design and consulting services

Case in Point

One of our eminent clients in Law Industry wanted to revolutionize their IT system and want to make the application accessibility and information flow through the integrated parts of the infrastructure smoother. But the problem was their data was divided into multiple servers and we had to make it accessible for everyone in the organization. Cambay CS professionals designed a unique and exclusive architecture for their firm and enabled their system diligently accessible for all of their employees and external entities.

Let Cambay Design and Consulting Services help you achieve the desired level of cloud adoption.