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Cloud Adoption

Let's Thrive beyond Clouds

Your skepticism about the security and credibility of cloud migration is reasonable. If the process is not carried out by following appropriate guidelines and regulations, it can exploit your organization. This might place you in a position where you can't decide where to start this overwhelming procedure of moving your on-premise workload to your suitable cloud environment.

Cloud Adoption is your strategic answer

Cloud adoption is an effective process, to begin with. It mitigates operational costs, reduces security risks and ensures scalability of database capabilities.

Our cloud adoption services at Cambay Consulting help you as a roadmap to assess cloud's readiness, evaluate cloud's security capabilities according to your security requirements, understand the documentation of the cloud service provider, plan and design your architecture, carry out successful infrastructure migration and continuing cost optimization.

We help you adapt virtualization with our state-of-the-art cloud adoption tools and techniques.

The knowledge and expertise at Cambay CS ensure

  • Infrastructure security compliance
  • Data protection and monitoring
  • Up-scaling across all geographic locations
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Tested deployment


  • Guaranteed quality cloud computing plan for effective cloud computing implementation
  • Safe and complete workload transfer from the existing infrastructure to the suitable model and type of cloud
  • Efficient availability of virtual system to all organization and external end users over concerned geographical location

Case in Point

A reputed brokerage firm in India decided to upscale dynamically but managing the excessive workload and its access to everyone in and out of the organization was tricky. The realization of the cost of manual software patching made them decide to virtualize and they chose Cambay CS to increase their end-users productivity.

Cambay CS carried out a research and undertook the UEC transformation covering everything from infrastructure design to integration and migration of data, applications and other business elements and finally migration.

We connect you to the reliable and available cloud environment and help you achieve your targeted scale of cloud adoption that offers you an insight into the wisdom of best virtual practices.

If this is what your organization strives for, choose Cambay Consulting.