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Why Cambay Consulting LLC

We value Work Ethics & Environment as it helps in creating a Creative Thinktank

World Class Talent Pool:

Our teams are comprised of the highest caliber of software designers and developers versed in development standards, best practice methodologies and all of the most popular as well as cutting edge development platforms and technologies. In addition to our extensive Microsoft expertise, our Business Intelligence team has built solutions with open source technologies like Pentaho. Cambay Consulting engineers have both solid theoretical and practical knowledge, and regularly work on everything from straightforward web-based applications to complex, large scale software products and BI Solutions.

Dedicated Resources with Long Term Stability:

We hand-pick your team of technical experts to meet your explicit software development and Business Intelligence needs. This team is assigned and dedicated to you as an extension of your in-house IT group. As they become expert in your software, they build a strong foundation that expedites future development efforts. Our extraordinarily high staff retention rate guarantees you long term stability.

On-demand staff augmentation:

If you have a great in-house team, but they have limited bandwidth or lack certain technical skills, our experienced technical resources can help you achieve your software and/or data warehouse development goals on time and on budget. If you have specialized technology needs, we have access to diverse talent pool so we can quickly fill your requirements. We are always ready, on call, to help whenever you need us.

Offshore software development:

Offshore outsource software development is a highly cost effective alternative to developing software in-house. Cambay Consulting offers a fast, affordable solution to meeting the demand for new software development, maintaining existing systems and augmenting your in-house team with top talent. Cambay Consulting takes offshore outsourcing to a new level of reliability, security and professionalism in software development services.

Complete Security and Protection:

We unconditionally guarantee the protection of your intellectual property, design and development specifications, proprietary software and data with the highest levels of security. You have full ownership of all intellectual property and software source code. We maintain strict confidentiality about our clients and never provide any of your personal or business information to other companies or individuals.

Commitment to Quality:

Quality is paramount. We have built our reputation on delivering top quality software to our clients. We work closely with your inhouse team all during the development process to ensure that the finished software product delivers the full functionality required to meet your needs.