Microsoft Teams Rooms provides inclusive meeting experiences whether you are joining remotely or from in the room. Microsoft Teams Rooms are powered by an intuitive, purpose-built app from Microsoft. With AI-driven security and auto-enrolment options, Teams Rooms help IT Admins save time.

Microsoft Teams Rooms devices are available across a wide variety of form factors – Modular (individual connected devices), integrated (Combined audio and video functions with separate displays) and All-in-One (Complete audio, video, and display in a single unit).

Microsoft Teams Rooms - Features

Turn any room into an easy-to-use meeting space


Fosters inclusive and interactive meetings for everyone to deliver meeting experiences where everyone can be seen, heard and fully participate from anywhere.

Easy to use
Easy to use

Designed to help you and your organization make the most of your time by making the experience consistent, easy, and supportive of your return-to-work policies.


Supports any type of meeting purpose or size space with a diverse array of certified partner and Microsoft Teams devices.

Secured & scalable
Secured & scalable

Keeps your devices protected and up to date. AI-driven Managed Services with proactive management and threat analytics.

Discover how Microsoft Teams Rooms help transform your meeting spaces ranging from small huddle areas to large conference rooms with a rich, collaborative Teams experience.

Microsoft Teams Rooms – Devices and Experiences

Microsoft Teams Rooms include

high-quality audio

A wide array of high-quality audio and video devices to accommodate any meeting space

modernized approach

A modernized approach to collaborating and engaging with remote participants

Inclusive Teams

Inclusive Teams experiences that let you easily schedule, join, and participate in meetings.

Certified Microsoft

Certified Microsoft hardware to ensure security, quality, and performance out-of-the-box

Microsoft Teams Rooms – Management Paths

Self managed is for organizations
Self managed is for organizations

  • With AV experts on staff who can manage their own devices at scale

  • Who want a more active role in operations and handling daily tasks

  • Who want oversight of devices to stay in-house

Teams Rooms Managed Services
Teams Rooms Managed Services is for organizations
  • Who want to delegate operations management to a preferred partner or IT team

  • Who want enhanced guidance, insights, and planning support

  • Who want proactive device security, configurations, and updates

Microsoft Teams Rooms – Licensing

Microsoft Teams Rooms Licensing

For more details on Microsoft Teams Rooms plans and pricing, please visit contact for Microsoft Teams Rooms Specialist.

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