Azure Virtual Desktop
A Cloud-based desktop solution for Seamless Workspace Experience

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is now called Azure Virtual Desktop, is the best virtual desktop and app virtualization experience, delivered on Azure Cloud. Azure Virtual Desktop is Microsoft’s only virtualization desktop infrastructure (VDI) service that provides compelling value like simplified management of data & applications, enhanced security, and multi-session Windows 10 experience. The Azure Virtual Desktop brings new security and management capabilities, which is under preview.

Azure Virtual Desktop is Optimized for Office 365 ProPlus as Office applications are some of the most highly used and most commonly virtualized applications for any business.

  • Workload migration from on-prem to cloud
  • Windows 10 multi-session user experience
  • Dev/Test & high-performance environments
  • Centralized deployment, management, and security

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Cambay implements and fully manages your virtual desktop infrastructure and application services for on-prem, cloud, or hybrid deployments to simplify desktop management, enhance security, and help manage your operating costs.

Innovative Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop

Best User Experience

Azure Virtual Desktop allows users to connect from any device - Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, anywhere.

Enhanced Security

Azure Virtual Desktop is built in Azure and connects seamlessly with Microsoft 365 – Office 365 + Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility.

Simplified Management

Most flexible service allowing you to easily virtualize both desktops and applications.

Cloud Migration Made Easy

Azure Virtual Desktop supports Remote Desktop Services (RDS) environments. Provides all the resources required to migrate data, applications, and infrastructure.

Superior Economics

Enables multi-session Windows 10 experience, simplified licensing, and labor savings from IaaS to PaaS.

Dev/Test Environments

Enables development and testing scenarios. Test .NET, and other applications for line of business applications.

Enable unparalleled desktop experience for your employees. Discover Azure Virtual Desktop – The Future of Work.