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Networking is a cornerstone of cloud infrastructure, determining the success of cloud deployments. The performance of IT resources and applications heavily relies on a solid network architecture.

Microsoft Azure Networking provides an expansive toolkit to securely connect and manage cloud resources. Its robust features seamlessly bridge cloud and on-premises infrastructures. Built on one of the world's largest fiber networks, Azure Networking supports both hybrid and all-cloud strategies, ensuring optimal performance and connectivity.

At Cambay Consulting, we harness Azure's networking prowess to craft cloud-centric WAN architectures, design and implement networking solutions, and manage your Azure networking environments. We prioritize reliable performance and secure connectivity. Our networking services include:

  • Connectivity Services: VNet, VPN Gateway, ExpressRoute, Azure DNS
  • Application Protection: DDoS, Firewall, Network Security, Endpoints
  • Application Delivery: CDN, Traffic Manager, App Gateway
  • Network Monitoring: Network Watcher, ExpressRoute Monitor

Networking Capabilities

Azure ExpressRoute

Azure ExpressRoute provides a faster and more private connection to Azure, ensuring lower latency and enhanced reliability. Unlike typical connections, ExpressRoute doesn't traverse the public internet; instead, it directly links your WAN and on-premises networks with Microsoft's global network.

This method of cloud integration offers significant cost advantages. Moreover, these connections facilitate access not only to Microsoft Azure Services but also to Microsoft Office 365 services.

Content Delivery Network

By utilizing the server nearest to each user, the Azure Content Delivery Network delivers high-bandwidth content such as audio, videos, and images to your customers with greater speed and efficiency. Its advanced analytics capabilities allow you to gain insights into your workflows by monitoring content distribution. It's noteworthy that a significant portion of today's web traffic, including prominent sites like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook, is served through CDNs.

Virtual Networks

Virtual Networks in Azure serve as the backbone of your private cloud infrastructure. They enable seamless communication between Azure resources, the internet, and on-premises networks. This foundational component ensures a secure and reliable environment for your applications, giving you an infrastructure tailored to your control. Furthermore, with Virtual Networks, you can craft intricate topologies using virtual appliances, allowing for detailed management of traffic flows between subnets.

Azure Bastion

Azure Bastion is a fully-managed PaaS service that provides seamless RDP and SSH access to your virtual machines directly through the Azure portal. This eliminates the need to manage network security policies or assign public IP addresses to your VMs.

With secure SSL/TLS encryption, Azure Bastion safeguards against threats like port scanning and malware. Additionally, it dynamically adjusts based on the number of virtual connections, ensuring optimal performance

Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door is a scalable and secure service designed to protect web applications while ensuring rapid content delivery. It provides a centralized control plane for traffic management, offering insights into user behavior and backend operations.

With its global HTTP load balancing, Azure Front Door enables the creation of applications across multiple regions, guaranteeing users an "always-on" website experience and delivering services of the highest quality and performance.

Load Balancer

Load Balancer is a high-performance, Layer 4 load-balancing service designed to enhance the network performance of your applications. It seamlessly integrates with your virtual machines and cloud services, ensuring scalability and reliability. With native IPv6 support and adaptable NAT rules, Azure Load Balancer not only fortifies security but also scales automatically with increasing application traffic, ensuring an optimal customer experience.

Web Application Firewall

Azure Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a cloud-native solution designed to shield your web applications from malicious attacks and common web vulnerabilities, including threats like Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection. This protection is facilitated through a specific set of guidelines known as “policies.”

The WAF can be quickly deployed, ensuring you only pay for what you use. While it can be available as a server plugin or an appliance, it's essential to regularly maintain and update the WAF, especially as the application undergoes reconfigurations or customizations.

VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway serves as a specialized virtual network gateway, facilitating encrypted, secure communication between your Azure virtual network and on-premises infrastructure. Constructed using two VMs, it allows for the creation of a dedicated gateway subnet. To enhance scalability and resilience, these VPN gateways can be situated within Azure availability zones. Moreover, they utilize browser-based SSL VPN plugins to establish connections.

Connect everything securely from VMs to VPNs using Azure Networking Services.

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