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In the past decade the Web has become the mainstream technology, it has changed the way businesses run. From procurement to payment processing, Web-based E-Commerce solutions are creating new opportunities, streamlining processes and integrating operations. The right partner one with proven expertise in extending business processes to the Web can help you maximize process improvement and operational savings that can be attained from implementing Web solutions. We build and implement end-to-end e-Business services and solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse business applications. For example, Web Portals, Social Networking sites, Customer relationship management applications, content management and Workflow solutions, E-Learning portals, storefronts, integration with back-end applications, Web-enabling of legacy applications, and ERP systems integration with Web Applications.
Our expertise spans a wide range of industries including insurance, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, energy and utilities. Our comprehensive suite of E-Business services and solutions includes, Architecture Services, Workflow and Business Process Management, Verification and Validation Services, Performance Engineering and Enhancements and J2EE,JAVA & .NET expertise. Our Architecture Team comprises Solution and Technical architects who are focused on architecture guidance and research on upcoming technologies and trends to meet an organization's business needs.
We provide expertise in defining, implementing and optimizing Business Process Management (BPM)-based solutions. Our BPM expertise and rich experience in implementing numerous workflow and BPM solutions across industries has enabled it to offer a wide range of services in the BPM space. It designs and develops solutions that help IT companies leverage their IT framework in the execution of automated business processes and gives them power to implement and control specific business strategies. CambayCS devises Workflow and BPM solutions that help execute business strategies by aligning process workflow with a Service Oriented Architecture.
Java has become a predominant technology of choice for building distributed, network-enabled applications. Java technology consists of two components - the Java programming language and a set of platforms for desktop, enterprise, mobile and consumer applications. Applications developed using the Java programming language run on desktops, browsers, application servers or small consumer devices via an interpreted Java Virtual Machine (Java VM) environment. In recent years Java technology has achieved mainstream appeal and acceptance among risk-averse and cost-conscious enterprises. Although Java continues to be owned by Sun it has got strong support from industry leaders such as IBM, Oracle and from the open-source community that have all enabled its rapid growth.
Our Java experience covers all areas of the Java stack .Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), environment for Core Java and Desktop Java applications development, and the basis for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Java Web Services technologies ,Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), the standard for developing component-based N-tier enterprise applications and web services. Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME), a set of technologies and specifications targeted at consumer and embedded devices, such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants (PDA's), printers, and TV set-top boxes. Java Card technology to enable smart cards and other intelligent devices with limited memory and processing capabilities to benefit from many of the advantages of Java technolog
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