Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

The modern workplace is rapidly evolving, characterized by distributed teams, remote work, diverse systems, and varied data sources. To stay relevant, organizations must implement the right tools to revolutionize how employees interact and share information.

Microsoft has transitioned Office 365 to Microsoft 365, a comprehensive cloud-based solution that redefines how you work. It combines top-tier productivity apps, intelligent cloud services, device management, and unparalleled security to boost employee efficiency and streamline IT management, propelling business growth.

At Cambay Consulting, we guide you in unlocking the immense potential of cloud collaboration tools. Our team of experts elevates your Microsoft 365 experience through seamless onboarding, efficient migrations, vigilant monitoring, and robust support. We're here to expedite your transition to Microsoft 365 and foster a thriving culture of innovation.

Bringing the Power of Three in One Solution

Office 365

Gain full access to an array of cloud productivity services and collaboration tools, including Email, Teams, SharePoint, meetings, voice capabilities, and more.

Windows 10

Experience the seamless integration of your operating system and desktop across all devices. Transition to a modern desktop to enhance productivity, streamline IT device management, and ensure robust security.


Remain secure and efficient from anywhere, on any device, with advanced cloud-based identity and device management. Gain visibility into your cloud apps and services.

How Cambay Consulting is Enabling the Future of Work


Cambay Consulting has helped customers migrate to legacy applications or platforms such as Documentum (eRoom), Lotus Notes, Jive to SharePoint, and Office 365.

  • SharePoint Online and Office 365 upgrade
  • Extranet and Intranet Portals
  • Lotus Notes, FileNet and eRoom migrations

Modern Workplace

In today's dynamic workplace, modern collaboration tools are essential for driving productivity and fostering innovation. Cambay Consulting assists clients in transforming their digital workspace to maximize returns on their technology investments.

  • Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams
  • Build Custom Apps with Power Apps
  • Intelligent Search
  • Yammer for Enterprise Social

Security and Compliance

Cambay Consulting leverages Microsoft 365 to help you protect your enterprise, monitor the security of your IP and stay compliant.

  • Office 365 Governance
  • Advanced Threat Analytics

Empower your employees in a digital world with Microsoft 365.

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