Cambay’s cloud adoption services help companies bring together the best technology, practices and learning’s for enterprise-wide cloud adoption. Taking your systems to the cloud improves the scalability of Internet-based database capabilities while reducing cost and risk.

What is cloud computing? Its using remote servers hosted on the Internet to store manage, and process critical data.

Benefits of this strategy include the ability to store privileged data in the private cloud while leveraging the technological resources from the public cloud to run applications relying on private data.

Through our framework for cloud adoption, we help you build your own cloud program so you can deliver business results faster, regardless of your cloud transformation status and process.

Cloud Adoption

Moving your company’s critical data to a remote server may sound risky at first. Wouldn’t it be more vulnerable in the cloud? How can you be sure your data won’t be compromised? However, modern cloud solutions are actually more secure than physical data storage. Encryption ensures that no one can access your server who isn’t authorized.

Additional benefits of migrating to the cloud

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Greater Mobile access

  • Easier collaboration with team members

  • More reliable system uptime

Security Aspects of Cloud Adoption

Companies transitioning to the cloud typically have concerns about the safety of sensitive data. To ensure information is not compromised, the following cloud security considerations are critical:

  • Use secure interfaces and APIs
  • Prevent system vulnerabilities
  • Create training programs and disaster plans

Cloud adoption across an enterprise takes time and resources.

Let our team of experts help guide you through a successful cloud initiative to help your company grow and stay competitive.