Cambay CS supports the Microsoft Power Platform, to help make your business more dynamic and allow you to work more efficiently.

MS Power Automate

Any modern business has a hundred different tasks performed on a dozen different software applications at any given time. Power Automate allows you to create a single, seamless workflow across all of those different apps.

It can do simple things, like sending you a text alert for new e-mails, so you don’t have to keep checking your mail application. Or it can perform more complex tasks, like taking the people who interact with you on social media and adding their contact information to your Customer Relationship Management platform, so that your sales team can reach out to them.

There are an abundant of other practical applications for Power Automate as well. By setting up a flow between two apps, you can automate communication between them, allowing you to work smarter, and saving time while increasing productivity.

MS Power BI

Business Intelligence is a key commodity for your organization: sifting through and analyzing the myriad data that passes through your company and turning it into understandable and actionable information for your business.

Power BI connects to hundreds of different data sources that might be useful to your business. It can include data from your social media channels, Google Analytics, and even your Excel spreadsheets. It lets you plug that data into the software and generate charts, models, and other clear and concise reports,. They can be shared, embedded into your website, or used in whatever way you see fit.

MS PowerApps

Almost any modern business needs an app if they want to succeed: a way to interface with their customers on any device, and provide them with what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Developing an app, however, is a difficult and highly technical process—unless you have the right tools. MS PowerApps allows non-IT people to build apps, using customizable templates that can be outfitted for whatever you need to do. Apps can be developed for iOS, Android, or Windows, and made available to your users in the appropriate app stores quickly and simply.

Cambay can help you implement these Power applications in your business,

and show you how to use them to maximize productivity, improve efficiency, and create a better workplace.