Safe and quick desktop-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud migration

If you’re unable to keep up with the growing storage needs of your applications, your operational costs and infrastructure overhaul is escalating and your disaster recovery system is taking forever to work, migration to a reliable, scalable and available environment is the safe place to take shelter in.

Effective and suitable migration is the first step towards successful virtualization and that’s what we at Cambay Consulting take pride in offering.

We lend the expertise of our professional IT experts to guide you through this computing wilderness and help you scale up dynamically. Our system-oriented business model enables us to use the standardized tools and techniques to facilitate the migration of your system including data, applications and other business operation elements to your suitable cloud environment.


The state-of-art cloud migration services at Cambay CS are promised to deliver

  • Onsite-computers to cloud transition
  • Cloud to cloud migration
  • Evaluation of your applications design’s compatibility with the cloud’s distributed architecture
  • Ensuring scalability of virtual resources according to the increasing demand and traffic
  • Analyses of expected direct and indirect costs, configurations, architecture, vendors and security measures to guarantee secure and successful migration
  • Evaluation of different cloud services models (Iaas, Paas, SaaS) and types (Public, Private, Hybrid) exclusively for your business
  • Secure data transfer, tested migration and assessment of functioning infrastructure


Farewell to on-site data center

After migration to a cloud computing environment, you enjoy automatic software upgrade, database backups and effective periodic maintenance of the system.

Risk-Free Cloud Deployment
It involves assessment of possible risks and loopholes in the system and delivery of the on-time efficient system to end users.

Completely Controlled Resources
Migration delivers you quick cloud disaster control system and full control over your resources.

Case in Point

A successful startup in India started with on-premise desktop data-center but as their idea outstretched and they started receiving a great deal of traffic and application logins, they wanted to transit.

Our professional teams analyzed their existing infrastructure and design, workload, their demands of scalability and security measures before providing them with an effective infrastructure migration blueprint that changed their lives.


If this is what your business strives for, Cambay CS welcomes you to the amazing virtual world.