Win Opex and Capex Advantages

Spending abundant employee resources, time and money on maintaining the complex infrastructure can jeopardize your operational excellence. Manual integration of servers and storage and resources network with costly assistance from vendors and IT consultants will never provide you with long-lasting deployment, management and targeted scaling of data center resources.

You Need a Sustainable Software-Centric Design That Connects All Nods to One

Cambay CS delivers exceptional single hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions that integrate storage units, computing servers and virtualization resources with an automated and often intelligent software-defined data center (SDDC). It combines x86 servers and typically three nodes which can be strategically added or removed to increase or decrease the resources.

Key Factors of Cambay CS hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)

  • Adjustment of resources to accommodate more or less container-based applications or VMs without suspending the activity of any running application at the time
  • Providing you with a comprehensive view of IT environment by presenting data coming from different resources through a single set-up, configuration, monitoring and management unifying console


  • HCI surfaces the complexity of dealing patches of your system from multiple spots
  • HCI improves your human resource performance, mitigates costs and saves time
  • HC provides you with control over increasing or decreasing resources through nodes

Case in Point

An international organization with highly invested application wanted to shift to an automatic data center that can be shared and looked after remotely. Cambay’s highly professional consultants analyzed their applications, data storage and computing processes and optimized the deployment, management and targeted scaling through Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.