FinTech is a rapidly evolving segment of the financial services sector where tech-focused startups and other new market entrants are disrupting how the financial services industry traditionally operates. FinTech companies and market activity are reconstituting the competitive landscape, blurring the definition of a player in the financial services sector.

CambayCS offers a combination of deep finance domain knowledge with strong core technical capabilities.

Below are a few sectors in FinTech that we at CambayCSwork actively and believe are the key areas to look at, for the next wave of innovations.



The Blockchain is a new technology that combines a number of mathematical, cryptographic and economic principles to maintain a database involving multiple participants without the need for any third-party validator or reconciliation. Blockchain is a single, shared, immutable writeonly ledger of transactions that is updated when multiple, decentralised actors achieve a consensus on the validity of a participant’s new entries. The Blockchain has the potential to disrupt the banking industry to its core through its adoption for storing, lending, moving, trading, accounting, reconciling and guaranteeing money through its consensus ledger, cryptographic security and digital signature.


CambayCS service offerings on Blockchain :

  • Blockchain Development
  • Blockchain Staffing
  • Turnkey Blockchain Projects
  • Managed Services for Blockchain

The key with Blockchain development is understanding that every use case can be customized. A tech stack implementation for one project may not apply to another secondary to speed, scalability, security, and expense of transactions. Some of the technologies we use to complete a Blockchain project include :


Digital Payments

FinTech is altering the way consumer and wholesale payments are made today in terms of when, where, how and who has facilitated them. FinTech is taking payments to the next level in terms of speed, convenience, efficiency and multichannel accessibility. They are driving client behaviour and fuelling expectations for better, faster and more innovative solutions across the payments spectrum, and making existing customer relationships with banks a lot more vulnerable than ever before.

CambayCS Payment Services helps banks improve business strategy, technology and operational efficiency in five key areas: core payments, card payments, digital payments, transaction banking, and compliance, risk, and operations.Clients worldwide have engaged CambayCS Payment Services to help them turn their payment operations into high-performing businesses.


Robotic Process Automation

The impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on a company’s operations and competitive positioning is significant on a number of fronts: economic value, workforce advantages, quality and control improvements, and flexible execution. RPA allows separate business units within a company to customize solutions to rapidly digitize processes, delivering significant and sustainable value in short timeframes while reducing overall risks. RPA is dramatically streamlining a wide variety of back office processes in Financial Services companies. It is also helping them in compliance by handling all of the documentation and without errors and thus making audits much less cumbersome. Overall, RPA presents a great opportunity for Financial Services companies to reduce task handling times and automate end-to-end processes allowing them to speed up core business activities.

Traditional Automation is direct integration of IT system at data level where RPA replicates the interaction of a human using the same interfaces a human would. The goal of RPA is that it should save the effort of atleast few (3) people and increase predictability, accuracy thereby creating a consistent experience.



Electronic Trading Solution

In demanding business environment- connectivity with counterparties is quintessential to achieve liquidity and eventually alpha.

CambayCS offers Capital Market Services and solutions in FIX and allied areas.Multi-asset multi-market connectivity with 24X7 global support.

  • Trading Platform :  For Institutional Brokers and dealers with all key features.
  • Connectivity Solution :  FIX Adapter to connect with counterparties.
  • Support & Maintenance :  Monitoring, escalations, Bug fixes, enhancement etc.

Machine Learning and AI

AI is already around us and used everyday within payments, money management and for robo-advice, particularly in the area of intelligent digital assistants that handle regular customer service enquiries and tasks. Smart machines and technology can turn data into customer insights and enhance service provisions, bringing the digital experience closer to the human interaction for consumers. Machine learning technology has advanced rapidly over the last ten years, and there are now more flexible and cost-effective solutions that Financial Services companies can implement, even with their often legacy-burdened IT systems.

While these applications have helped organizations run more effectively, they have also grown increasingly complex, with the consequences of failure inhibiting performance and having a detrimental effect on the business. The time and resources required to manage these applications are becoming a significant burden, to the point where they divert critical resources away from other initiatives and have a negative effect on growth and profitability.

CambayCS service offerings on Machine Learning and AI :

  • Development :  Developing wide range of applications. Our objective is to empower businesses with cutting-edge technologies and viable solutions.
  • Customization :  Customize business solutions which can be suitable with your business processes.
  • Integration :  Business solution integration with enterprise applications.
  • Implementation :  End to end implementation – right from solution conceptualization to user training.
  • Support :  Support to keep operations smooth and running.

CambayCS as a Technology Partner Can Serve :

  • All FinTech Startups :  We serve all FinTech Startups Companies, financial Firms.
  • Financial services companies :  We serve banks, insurance firms, distributors, other financial firms.
  • System Integrator or IT Firms :  We serve System integrator or IT firms working with financial firms.