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Delphi Architect
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Client is seeking one full-time Delphi Architect resource to work in the Delphi system so they can review our SSIS system Delphi artifacts and analyze the implementation, determining if it could be improved and estimate what the improvements would cost.

At a high level, the resource will use their Delphi expertise to analyze existing Delphi code. The resource should have expert-level experience for reviewing our SSIS system, determining possible improvements and estimates. For additional details on the request such as qualifications, tasks, and evaluation criteria, see the attachments found in the Buyer Attachment section of the Event.

The work is expected to be done remotely.

Mode of Interview

The State will conduct interviews. The State reserves the right to remove a resource from consideration if the resource is unavailable for interview as requested by the State. Interviews will be conducted via Microsoft Teams.

MNSITE Request for a Delphi Architect – Staff Augmentation Event
The following document contains the samples tasks and qualifications for this MNSITE Event.
Sample Tasks
• Review Architecture used in building the Social Services Information System (SSIS) applications for performance issue and recommend improvements.
• Review specific application screens or processes for performance issues and make recommendations for improvement.
• Review the use of Component Libraries within the application and evaluate their use versa other libraries.
• Review and evaluate the current client server architecture to determine if a move to newer options such as FIreDak would be worth the transitions. And if so, provide a modernization plan for Migration.
• Review The use of the Socket Server with newer technologies. TSQLConnection component to use. Rest or Soap Server to talk to app Server.
• Review and make recommendations on appropriate use of Caching/User Setting within the Azure hosted environment.
• Evaluate the possible use of Layout Controls to mitigate the problems with adjusting size.
• Review the Document Template Editor and make recommendations on how to improve the design.
• Recommend a way for the architecture to allow the application to transition between the current validation and database access to a Restful validation. This architecture should allow for the system to use both the current and new process so modules can be migrated over time.
• Evaluate the chains of refresh that may cause slowness and client flickering.
• Evaluate the use of XML that builds structure for the application to run.
• Provide knowledge transfer.

Minimum Qualifications
• Ten (10) years’ experience in a Delphi development role.
o A Master’s degree substitutes for three years of experience, or a Bachelor’s degree substitutes for two years, or an Associate’s degree substitutes for one year.
• Five (5) years’ experience in architecting an enterprise component base solution using Delphi.
Desired Skills
• Worked on an enterprise level system.
• Ability to code enterprise level solutions within the Delphi development suite.
• An understanding and experience working with the Development Express Component Suite.
• Ability to review complex architecture Client Server Architecture.
• Ability to evaluate system architecture to provide so that project definitions address issues on multiple levels of the technology stack.
• Worked on a highly customized solution.
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