As businesses begin bringing their employees back to work and continue to navigate the new normal, enterprises need to take the necessary steps to implement suitable safety protocols to assure employees feel safe and can remain healthy in their worksites.

Cambay, a Microsoft Managed Partner, has developed a Return to Work solution for businesses of all sizes looking to operate their operations during the pandemic safely. Our Return to Work solution allows organizations to monitor their workforce, provides daily health assessment and COVID19 screening for all employees. The solution built using Microsoft Power Automate and AI helps identify employees’ probability of being exposed to COVID-19.

The easily customizable solution has the following modules to help you safely return to full operations and ready your business for post-pandemic realities and future challenges.

  1. Employee Health Assessment
  2. Employee Contract Tracing / Daily Self Check
  3. Return to Work Confidently
  4. Employee Pulse Survey

Employee Health Assessment:
Employee Health Assessment or COVID-19 employee self-screen app enables organizations to keep their employees and workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. A survey-based solution evaluates employee readiness to return to the workplace and validates if they are ready to get into the office. COVID-19 screening app is a paperless, easy, and safe way for employees to report their health status regularly. The screening app helps employers monitor the status of their employees with real-time reporting.

Employee Contact Tracing / Daily Self Check:
Employee contact tracking module empowers businesses to minimize risks of workforce returning to work through daily self-check assessments. The assessments ask the workforce to provide information about their health and qualification to be onsite. The solution helps trace points of infection transmission across employees, meetings, etc., and offers real-time visibility for HR leaders or task forces into hot spots or at-risk locations.

Return to Work Confidently
The Return to Work module is designed to engage with the workforce with a single source for health and workplace re-entry information. The solution helps you understand employee’s nature of work and remote work environment and collects self-reported symptoms and other data to routinely assess and notify the employee of their Return to Work status.

Employee Pulse Survey
The employee pulse questioner helps you get insights into how your employees are feeling about the pandemic, measure their morale and sentiments. This will also enable employers to learn what they can do to create positive employee experiences during these challenging times.

In summary:

Cambay and a leading children’s research hospital combine COVID-19 Return to Work solution to ensure the health and safety of patients, families, and employees.

A leading children research hospital in the USA needed a COVID-19 self-screening solution for its frontline workers and families visiting children during the COVID-19 pandemic. With visitation restrictions, the hospital found it difficult to efficiently manage its facilities and ensure uncompromised services for its patients. The hospital could not bring families together, which affected the hospital as, along with clinical trials, and free medical care, the hospital served as a foundation for traumatized families who sought comfort from each other within the hospital.

Also, the hospital’s workforce worked remotely, and the hospital did not have a solution to enable employees to work efficiently from home.

Cambay spear-headed and developed a Return to Work (self-screening) solution that enables families and frontline workers to evaluate symptoms easily and safely with a screening tool and understand the next steps they need to take to look after themselves. The self-screening solution leverages Microsoft Power Apps' capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365, to provide a robust end-to-end solution for self-assessment, scheduling, and screening efforts. The solution asks several screening questions for COVID-19. Depending on the questionnaire's outcome, the employee was given a Red, Yellow, or Green status.

Cambay’s return to work solution is helping employers prepare workplaces to reopen safely. Our solution enables organizations to jump-start return to work safely within few weeks. Reach out to us to learn how our return to work modules can deliver a safe and smooth transition back to the office.

Reach out to us at to learn how our return to work modules can deliver a safe and smooth transition back to the office.

Srihari Chinna

Associate Vice President - M365 Collaboration

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