IoT enables enterprises to evolve their operations, launch new products, and improve customer experiences through connected devices to fuel innovation, create new revenue streams, minimize costs, and drive digital transformation.

Microsoft Azure IoT Services helps you simplify and accelerate your business journey through connected devices so that you can accelerate your digital transformation. Azure IoT enables you to build intelligence across your business by bringing AI and Machine Learning to the edge to gain actionable insights, leading to faster predictions, smarter actions, and a secure platform.

Azure IoT provides a portfolio of services and capabilities that meets your industry requirements where you are, from the edge to the cloud.

Internet of Things Common Scenarios

  1. Remote Monitoring
    Remote Monitoring solution helps monitor your systems, applications, and products to collect the performance data and diagnose the issues remotely. You can use solution your own implementation and customize to meet your specifications.

  2. Predictive Maintenance
    Predictive maintenance helps monitor your equipment, devices to determine if the components are functioning properly or due for service, condition of in-service equipment to predict when maintenance is performed vs. time-based systems.

  3. Connected Manufacturing
    Connected manufacturing allows you to manage commercial applications or production lines using embedded sensors and devices to improve efficiency through preventative maintenance and failure prediction for controlled shutdowns.

Azure IoT Services

Azure IoT Services, a leading IoT Cloud platform, helps you develop robust and scalable IoT solutions. As per the recent Business Insider report, Azure Cloud is the second biggest platform and is one of the fastest-growing ones. Microsoft’s Azure IoT suite showed a 150% growth and added over 100+ features in 2018. Microsoft also invested over $5 billion into enhancing its IoT and big data services.

Key Azure IoT Services

Below are some of key IoT products and services of Microsoft Azure IoT platform.

  1. Azure IoT Central
    Azure IoT Central is an IoT SaaS solution to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT devices. IoT Central is a highly secure, enterprise-grade platform which integrates with your existing business applications to enable better products and experiences for your customers.

    You can leverage Azure IoT Central to create applications from the industry (like Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Government) focused application templates. View this video on Azure IoT Central to learn more.

  2. Azure IoT Hub
    Azure IoT Hub is a managed service enabling secure and reliable two-way communication between IoT applications and the devices it manages. Azure IoT Hub has built-in device management to operate at scale, fully integrated with event grid and serverless computing to simplify application development and helps monitor the health of your solutions.

    IoT Hub provides automate device provisioning to accelerate your IoT deployment. Azure IoT Hub is also compatible with Azure IoT Edge enabling you to build hybrid IoT applications. View this video on Azure IoT Hub to learn more.

  3. Azure IoT Edge
    Azure IoT Edge extends cloud intelligence locally on IoT devices at the edge managed by Azure IoT. Azure IoT Edge integrates with Azure Security Center to provide end-to-end threat protection and security management.

    Azure IoT Edge deploys cloud workloads like Azure, artificial intelligence, and third-party services to run on IoT edge devices via standard containers. Certified IoT Edge hardware works with Windows or Linux devices that support container engines. View video on Azure IoT Edge to learn more.

  4. Azure Sphere
    Azure Sphere is a secured solution for your IoT devices that combines operating system, application platform, hardware and cloud components to protect your data, privacy and devices. Azure Sphere OS provides an additional layer of protection and security updates.

    Azure Sphere – Certified chips from hardware partners comes with built-in Microsoft security to provide dependable hardware. Azure Sphere Cloud Security provides device-to-cloud communication and device security. View video on Azure Sphere to learn more.

  5. Azure Digital Twins
    Azure Digital Twins is an IoT Service that helps you build advanced IoT spatially intelligence solutions. Azure Digital Twins helps you build next-gen IoT solutions to improve consumer experiences, create new efficiencies and improve the spaces in which people live, work and play.

    Digital Twins comes with built-in support for nested and multitenancy to help secure customers data. Additional security features include role-based access control, and Azure Active Directory. View video on Azure Digital Twins to learn more.

  6. Azure Machine Learning
    Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) is a cloud-based service used to train, create, deploy, manage, and automate ML models. It empowers data scientists and ML developers to use their existing data processing and model development skills and frameworks to predict future behavior, trends, and outcomes.

    Now Azure ML models can be deployed over the edge to have faster edge analytics. This helps in deploying certain loads of the cloud to the edge devices. Having Machine learning capability on edge helps in doing real-time analysis on image processing, facial identification, video analytics, etc.

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